Welcome to my blog about owning a yacht! Okay, I lied. I don’t actually own a yacht, yet. But, it is one of my goals in life as I truly love the open water and I want to spend the rest of my days there.

I am Mark Fuller and I am just another internet blogger. One thing that I do know about is finance and since I also love writing, I said to myself, “why not make a blog?” So I did, and here I am. As you would have guessed already, this is a site/blog about personal finance and how to handle your money so that you can always stay afloat and avoid money problems later on in life.

It’s also partly a blog about learning more about yachting and all the jazz that comes with it. I want to own one one day and I am confident that I will, so this is sort of a journey blog to owning your yacht or a small cruise ship.


(DISCLAIMER: I don’t consider myself an expert so don’t take everything written here as gospel when it comes to money. Common sense and critical thinking goes a long way)