Investing in Yourself

Investing your excess money is the way to go if you ever want to have a life that is set financially. However, the hard question is where do you invest? Real estate? Bonds? Stocks? All of these are great options but if you are a newbie in investing, these investments may seem too hard at

Envy – A powerful force that can keep you in debt

Envy is considered one of the 7 deadly sins and for good reasons. If it isn’t curbed as soon as possible, it can lead to a life of misery and it will affect your financial situation negatively. Unfortunately, envy is not something that goes away on its own. You will have to forcibly change your

A Quick Guide on How to Save Money

What’s the most common way of losing money or not having enough when you need it most? The answer is very simple, it’s spending more than what you are earning. Understanding this and preventing this is easily the most effective way of saving money and surprisingly enough, a lot of people often fall into traps